Quilt Guidelines

These are our sizes for 2020 and beyond – please note they have changed to be narrower. If you have a quilt in progress using the old measurements please carry on and we will still use any completed quilts not selected in previous years. 

A picture of what we want as sizes and a block layout chart to help your calculations. Please make your quilt a long rectangle. They are wraps not bed quilts.

Please do not include any licensed fabric in your quilts.

  • Width of tops/quilts between 40″ and 50″, no wider, but ask if in doubt
  • Length of tops/quilts between 66″ and 72″ , longer also ok
  • Make as an OBLONG – as a wrap – NOT as a square : it needs to be able to provide a hug. The ideal is 44″ x 70″
  • Please do not use anything heavier than quilting weight fabric i.e. no curtaining or upholstery fabric in your quilt or blocks.
  • No Disney, no licensed fabrics.
  • Tops made with denim e.g. rag quilts, are acceptable PROVIDED seams are adequate to prevent fraying of the seam.
  • Quilting as simple as you like but as close as is sufficient to support the seams of the top
  • If using fleece as backing, wadding is not always required but quilting must support those seams on the top.
  • Longarming service: tops to be accompanied by backing 8″ wider and 8″ longer than the top.
  • Longarming will incur a £7 charge to cover wadding and thread costs
  • Tops will be allocated to your nearest available longarmer
  • Please store your quilt(s) until allocated to a quilt coordinator
  • LABELS : Quilt labels will be available later in the year and Morsbag labels can be obtained direct from Morsbag. We are looking at a different way to distribute labels this year.
  • A silver or golden star tag with a personal message can be attached to your quilt, but use your first name only please
  • Any quilts where animals or smokers have been, or when you have been ill during the making e.g. colds/coughs need to be washed and/or all fur cleared off please before posted/donated
  • We always need more quilts for males than females, so please think about colours and fabric patterns that might appeal to both wherever you can (though both utterly feminine or overtly masculine are welcome too!) We also welcome hugs for our LGBTQ+ community.

Click here for our guidelines to stitchers.  MAKE A HUG