Morsbag is an international initiative

Many of our lovely volunteers make Morsbags, either instead of or as well as quilts or blocks. We decided to make these bags so that diners had something nice and also reusable to take their quilts away in.

To join in the community and ask any questions, or find fabric – visit the Q4CL Morsbags facebook group – or find below the instructions for the slightly altered sizing that we use (some of the puffier quilts don’t fit in the standard size Morsbags..

The adapted morsbag for Q4CL

We are using 22” by 44” which is 4” wider and 4” longer than the instructions given by Morsbag, and boxing the bottom. 

+ 4” to the given length so 44”
+ 4” to the given width so 22”
I also boxed the bottom (some times called sugar bag bottom)
I used the french seam as given in the instructions, but if your fabric is heavy this may cause problems so overlock or use a zig zag to prevent fraying.

Labels add anywhere you like to the outside of the bag. Doesn’t have to be one piece of material, just remember to reinforce the seams. Oh and have fun making them!

Link to making the morsbag.